What people tell about our leadership programme

See what former participants say about the Sciencethrucolours Academic Leadership Journey


It is my opinion that every scientist who is giving leadership should follow this course as we are at no point in our career educated on leadership skills and people management, both of which are vital to create and maintain a good working environment. (Daniel Vandamme)

I really want to thank you both for the training session: really revealing on many domains. (Jan Tavernier)

I got a very good insight in the type of person I am and became aware of my blind spots. I received several new ideas on how I can improve myself and the situations I am dealing with in my professional life. The cases that are used in the course are really adequate and apply to our type of work in the lab. I can implement almost immediately several ideas given in the course. (Isabelle Carpentier)

Few people get training in people management during their scientific career and therefore lack some crucial skills to manage a group. Even this relative short training helps to learn some of the basic aspects. (Tino Hochepied)

I liked the mix of topics and the "soundness" in the different techniques that we can use. I also liked that I got the opportunity to include an extra individual coaching session that was less about group managment and more about managment of expectations for myself. (Anna Hultberg)

Sometimes it is comforting to know you're not the only one struggling with these kind of problems. (Hilde Nelissen)

The four day session was really great! We were completely in the 'flow', the group was functioning as a group. (Katrien Moerloose)

Two great trainers who have a very good idea about life in science and who immediately grasp and go to the heart (Xavier Saelens)

Both individual coaching and the group session were well balanced. Also theoretical background and examples were well balanced. It was nice to work on examples that you are recognizing. (Lutgarde Serneels)

I truly enjoyed the course, learned a lot of useful techniques to deal with future situations and enjoyed the company and discussions with the other members of the group. Herwig and Lisa from True Colours are exceptionally good in creating a suitable working atmosphere that invites everyone to open up, a bit like transforming a group of strangers into a group of old friends. (Daniel Vandamme)

We can’t think of a VIB without Herwig & Lisa as coaches of a our Leadership Programme. Their main talent is their thorough preparation of the content to be covered, getting to know the participants and looking for ways to make the lessons learnt maximally applicable. Thanks to this unique preparation they can truely identify with the working reality of each participant, making people to feel understood, strengthened and inspired. (Marijke Lein)