Wanted: Trainers who can help participants showing colours

Introducing: The True Colours Team

What started as a collaboration between two like-minded consultants is now a cooperative of diverse specialists. With a healthy dose of Guerilla Goodness!

How it all began

It’s 2001. Lisa and Herwig get to know each other as consultants. After a management buy-out within their former organization, they think: "What they’re doing, we can do better." No sooner said than done: they launch toghether the brand ‘True Colours’: a coaching & consulting organization that stengthens individuals, teams & organizations to make bold choices. They are attracted by the eagerness to learn and willingness to experiment in the academic and scientific sector, but they also work for companies, government agencies and social profit.

The reason? The valuable cross-pollination between those diverse sectors.

Soon there is too much work for two and they set up a network of consultants. In the meantime, the True Colours team includes several specialists with a strong True Colours identity and a clear focus of their own. We can do more together!

Our guerilleros

Herwig Deconinck

As an educational scientist, I started working at a bank, and then, via the socio-cultural sector, entered the HR world. In 2003, I became an independent consultant, and in 2006, I founded True Colours with Lisa. Our driving force? Get people, teams and organizations moving by doing things surprisingly differently and constantly searching for what is possible.

From a wide variety of training programmes, books, articles and new experiences, I know how to find a unique answer for every client. I coach leaders and team, I facilitate leadership programmes and I guide change processes from my experience in lean and process optimization and my fascination with IT.


Lisa Boelaert

After a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, I started as an HR professional at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Several years later, I became an external advisor at Bekaert Stanwick, where the collaboration between engineers and people-workers put me under the spell of change. After 4 years, as a young mother, I started in HR at KU Leuven – the beginning of my passion for the academic world.

And then it was time for something new: entrepreneurship with inTrue Colours – reinforced by my experience, lots of training programmes and numberless books. I adore facilitating leadership programmes, organizational and cultural change programmes, coaching porcesses, conflict mediation, ..., in wide-ranging sectors: it’s always something different.


Wendy Van den Bulck

As a Germanist, I applied my passion for communication and human relationships for 14 years as a teacher in Dutch, English and German. In 2006, that passion took on a new form: after a training programme, I started coaching supported by the aid of horses, based on body language. That brought me the enormous added value of learning-in-action: doing sinks in more deeply than understanding!

A number of training courses later, solution-oriented working became a second pillar and the common thread in specializations such as experiential learning, leadership and communication. I developed a concept around ‘Unencumbered Communication’, a solution-oriented leadership language.


Got the itch to work with us?

We bring change to yourself, your team and your organization. Questions? Or would you like an exploratoryconversation? Send us an email (hello@truecolours.be) or give HerwigLisa or Wendy a call.