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Academic Leadership Journey Level 1

Based on our experience in academic institutes & organizations (universities & research institutes) we have developed a Leadership Programme for Academic Leaders

A unique leadership programme

Professors only! We work with a group of (10 - 16) peers, coming from different universities in the BeNeLux and from various disciplines. All facing similar challenges in the specific context of a university or research organisation. 

We offer a programme built around a carefully chosen set of frameworks applied to university and research context.

4 days, in depth residential learning setting in order to get fully immersed. 

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We ensure a safe environment to discuss & experiment. We act as a "mirror", confronting you with your perceptions, assumptions, behaviours. At the same time offering tools & insights to improve your leadership skills. The purpose is not to change you as a person but to broaden your skillset.

Academic Leadership ...

During this leadership journey we explore the following themes:

  • I Leader: Leadership starts with knowing yourself ... and how to bridge with the preferences of others.
  • It's all about words: or how to engage people by being respectful but not cautious.
  • Challenge and support for top performance: leading, coaching, inspiring & motivating people and teams.
  • Leadership is shared: building Trust, Ownership and Extraordinary Teams
  • One step beyond: positive politics and multiparty collaboration

Common thread: discovering solutions that work for you and approaches based on your own true colours: your talents, your preferences, your allergies & your challenges. The programme is a well defined blend of group training and individual coaching.

What you can expect of this journey


Our journey starts with a personal intake coaching session.  Together we identify your personal learning objectives, explore your personal situation and how you see the future. Also we gather inspiration for case studies to work on during the group sessions.  This session is the start of the personal track in the Academic Leadership Journey.  Also during the group sessions your coach will be available for help, support and mirroring in your individual path.  


Mix of theory & practice

The program is built around a carefully chosen set of frameworks that are applied to real cases of the participants.

This way we guarantee that the frameworks that are offered are relevant and that each exercise is built around real-life situations of the participants.


6 to 8 weeks after the programme we organize an individual “outtake” sessionin during which we translate the frameworks and tools offered into your personal “best practices”. A final integration of your lessons learnt, building further on the experiences during the group session/

Learning group of peers, cross universities, cross disciplines

We work with a group of professors only in order to increase the opportunities for an open and interesting exchange of experiences. The fact that the group consists of professors from different universities and different disciplines, offers multiple perspectives for all participants. This creates a unique openness to talk about your own questions, cases and challenges.

Residential in depth journey of 4 days (& nights)

The fact that the programme is organized residentially, ensures that you immerge fully in this Journey. It is  4 days in a row, away from your normal daily environment, working on and talking and discussing about academic leadership from early in the morning till late at night

Personal preferences (MBTI)
  • Discover your personal preferences, qualities, challenges and allergies
  • Recognize other people’s preference 
  • Learn to bridge with people who have different preferences and broaden the range of people you can work wit
  • Respond, don’t react
  • Engage people through respectful but not cautious communication
  • Be aware of your influence on interaction patterns and how to change them
  • Share expectations and feedback effectively
  • Anticipate and effectively deal with conflicts, crisis, or other difficult situations
  • Discover your preferred leadership style
  • Learn to adapt your leadership style to the needs of your colleagues
  • Create a fertile breeding ground for highly skilled professionals (who might become your competitors …)
  • Coaching people who sometimes are more expert in their domain than you are
  • Increase motivation and commitment within your team
  • Delegate responsibilities wisely
  • Teamwork within a group where collaborators come and go; and where funding is far from stable
  • Build the team around a compelling purpose
  • Put trust and ownership in the team, shared leadership
  • Install just enough structure and procedures
  • Ensure a respectful but not cautious way of interacting within the team
  • Playing the politics positively
  • Collaborating with multiple stakeholders
  • Influencing crucial players to create common ground

Want to join us on this journey?

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